Departure Form Minneapolis

Step 1: Reservation

Branch Renting From

RV Name or Number (from contract)

Reservation #

If unknown contact your host. If you are unable to reach your host call 512.630.0301.

Step 2: Condition Walkthrough

​Condition ​Walkthrough The purpose of this walkthrough is to set an agreed-upon baseline for the condition of the RV with the renter. This helps prevent disputes should damage occur. You must do a comprehensive review of the condition of the entire interior and exterior, which includes the undercarriage and roof, of the RV. Point out any and all pre-existing damage to the renters and write it down in the appropriate places. Invite the renters to point out any damage or wear and tear that they see as well and write this down on the form.

Exterior Condition

Exterior Damage/Issues Photos

Noted Exterior Damage/Issues

Interior Condition

Interior Damage/Issues Photos

Noted Interior Damage/Issues

Step​ ​2​ ​-​ ​Training​ ​

Training Part 1: Walkthrough

The purpose of this walkthrough is to educate your renters on how to successfully operate your RV. You are responsible for ensuring that your renters have all the necessary knowledge to solely operate your RV. Check off each step in training (or write N/A) once it is completed:

Generator TrainingKitchen TrainingBathroom TrainingFurniture TrainingTire TrainingFluids TrainingHitch Training (trailers)Power Hookup TrainingCleaning TrainingSlide-out TrainingUnit Inspection Training

Training Part 2: Setup/Tear down Lesson

The purpose of this step is to teach your renters all elements of setting up and tear down camp with your RV. If your unit is a trailer, this will require teaching your renters how to attach and detach the trailer. At this step, you should not only demonstrate the elements of setup and takedown but also allow the renters to practice each step themselves.

Setup LessonTear Down Lesson

Training Part 3: Driving Lesson

If possible, take your renters on a brief driving lesson around your area. Be sure to allow all primary drivers a turn at driving or towing the RV. Be sure to thoroughly answer any questions that come up. Check off each lesson as completed (or leave blank to mark as N/A):

Engine StartingBackup UpRight TurnLeft TurnHighway DrivingGas StationsParkingAppropriate SpeedResidential Roads

Training Part 4: Roadworthiness

Check over the RV to ensure its roadworthiness. Check off each task as completed (or leave blank to mark as N/A)

Tire PressureMotor OilGenerator OilWindshield FluidRadiator FluidTransmission FluidHeadlightsMirror CheckTurn Signals

Step 3 Overview of Conditional Fees and Renter Responsibilities

The purpose of this step is to remind the renters of their responsibilities as well as the additional fees that they may incur if they fail to meet these responsibilities. Check off each section once discussed (or leave blank to mark as N/A):

Tire ResponsibilitiesDumping ResponsibilitiesFuel ResponsibilitiesMileage Overage FeeEarly Pickup FeeLate Drop-off Fee

Step 4 Mileage and Tank Readings

If applicable, you must record the current readings listed below in the presence of the renter:

Propane Level

Waste/Black Tank

Grey Tank

Fresh Water Tank Level (Check level and record answer below)

This does not apply if you're renting a trailer and towing it yourself as you don't fill trailers when you tow yourself. You can fill the tank once you get close to your destination.

Odometer Reading Numbers (Only in Odometer - If travel trailer enter 00000)

Generator Hours

Fuel Level - If travel trailer type “travel trailer”

Early/Late Pick-up?
YesNoIf yes Fee Amount

If Yes enter fee amount

Pick up time:

Step 5 Additional Drivers

Additional Drivers

Driver #1 Lisc

Driver #2 Lisc

Step 6 Sign Off and Send-Off

Once all steps on the Departure Form have been completed and documented, and all of the renter’s questions answered, both you and the primary renter (whoever signed the Rental Agreement) must sign off on the Departure Form. All necessary contact information must be exchanged. Check off each section as completed:

Check off each section as completed:

Proof of Insurance

*If you have RVshare rental insurance, your addendum will serve as proof of insurance. The addendum was emailed to you when the insurance transaction processed.

Proof of License

Exchange of Contact Info

Owner Notes:

Owner Print Name:

Owner Cell Number:

Owner Signature Date:

Owner Signature

Renter Signoff

Overall Condition

I am ok with the overall condition of the RV"


If No Please Explain If Yes leave blank

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Todays Date

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